The Teacher Friendly Dance Society

The Professional Teachers of Dancing is focused on providing a high-quality service with teacher/member satisfaction – we do everything we can to meet your expectations and are sure you’ll be happy working with us.

Our examinations provide students with accredited qualifications which are regulated by Ofqual.
The structure of the PTD examinations is designed to encourage those who wish to pursue dance as a professional career,
or for those who purely use dance as a leisure activity.

Our Objectives

To promote knowledge and the love of dance.

To provide and maintain syllabi and technique in a broad spectrum of genres.

To encourage and enhance good teaching standards.

The Professional Teachers of Dancing (PTD) is an examining board and teaching society, Established in 1992. The PTD specialises in a broad spectrum of genres. We provide training for teachers and examiners to promote knowledge, performance and enjoyment of dance. The society has expanded throughout the UK, and is well established in many countries worldwide.

Some Of Our PTD Registered Schools

Hip Hop

The graded Hip Hop syllabus is designed for students who wish to develop street dance skills, self-expression, and creativity.

The syllabi, set to poplar contemporary music, aim to promote an understanding of a range of movements and the technique involved in executing the movements.

The syllabi progress systematically building the student’s strength, energy and understanding of dynamics along with encouraging individuality and style.

Classical Ballet

The Classical Ballet set, and unset graded syllabi are structured to develop a sound technique together with artistic endeavour, musicality, and a joy of performing.

The syllabi are designed to promote self-confidence, teamwork, and creativity through an understanding of line, body posture and placement.

Students will also develop an awareness and knowledge of classical ballet vocabulary and how to interpret differing musical styles through movement.

Musical Theatre

The Musical Theatre Performance syllabi are designed to develop a student’s performance of Acting, Mime and Song.

The graded syllabi enable students to deliver a piece of poetry, prose or speech showing clarity of diction and varying tones of pitch, volume, and pace to convey contrasting moods of the material.

A clearly defined mime will show characterization of the subject and communication with others. The song will allow the student to show sensitivity and an emotional understanding of the subject being delivered.

The Modern Theatre Dance graded syllabi are structured to develop an awareness of the various styles of modern dance and its interpretation into movement through an understanding of the technique involved.

Skills of characterisation and interpretation of the music are developed within the framework of the syllabus.

Modern Jazz Dance

The Modern Jazz Dance graded syllabi aim to develop a technique which gradually builds strength, suppleness, artistic achievement and a sense of musicality and creativity.

The syllabi cover both lyrical and dynamic style of modern jazz dance and aim to develop a sense of performance through an understanding of the technique involved.

Tap Dance

The graded syllabi give students a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the tap technique and theory showing development from one grade to the next.

The style of tap encompasses various types of music that play a role in developing musical appreciation, a sense of timing and rhythmic awareness.

The syllabi promote an understanding and knowledge of the various rhythms involved in the application of different styles of tap dance.

Lyrical Dance

The graded Lyrical Dance syllabi aim to develop artistry, control in the execution of steps, self-expressions and creativity with its flowing lines and gradual development of technique.

The syllabi are structured to promote a sound technique together with artistic endeavour, and a joy of performing.

The syllabi also promote self-confidence and teamwork through an understanding of technique, musicality, and performance.